Видео: #147 - Framing Second Story Floor Joists By Myself

The "right" way to joist a second floor

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Harrop House - Second Floor Joists

We are renovating a 125 year old Farm House. http://harrophouse.com In this episode, I demonstrate how I retrofit the second floor ...

The Loft - Loft framing Part 1

Since I can't work the trench to run the electric cable, I decided to get some work done inside. Got the floor joists up above the ...

(FRAMING 2nd FLOOR LOFT FLOOR) Timber Frame House Build

We are moving up in this video. Time to start on the 2nd floor loft. The purlins that support the exterior rafters are put in the walls ...

How to install Floor Joists

BuilderOnline is a free online advisory service for home renovators - Check out our website www.builderonline.com.au.

Second Floor Joist Framing

Today we set trusses for the second floor of the house we're building. Still getting the feel for this video while working thing.

Framing and Erecting the Second-Floor Walls

The second-floor walls are framed and erected at the Malibu beach house.

Framing the second floor

As soon as the first floor was done, up they went! Here you see the work starting on the ceiling over the kitchen, or what would ...

House Addition | Floor Joists Finished | Day 10

Fixed some problems caused by the bad levels. Finished installing the rest of the floor joists. Help my channel by making Amazon ...

Framing The Floor For Our DIY Cabin (I Joist Floor Framing)

We are starting to make progress and it feels great!! We started framing out the floor using BCI Joists. We needed a 20' span so ...

Upstairs Loft Flooring, Downstairs Ceiling for our Timber Frame Home

We've got a new look inside our home! Putting together the loft and floor has been another project we've been working on in the ...

Retrospective: Framing Second Floor

This footage was taken in May 2009. It is WAY beyond this point now.

Wood Floor Trusses - Great Advantages

http://www.AsktheBuilder.com founder, Tim Carter, shows off the wood floor trusses in his daughter's new home. They span great ...

Building a House | Ep. 7 Pt. 2 "Second Story Wall Framing"

Part 2 of 2 video.. Watch a small crew build a 2 story home, with a 3rd story roof deck. Everything from the good to the bad ...

2nd Floor Joist Install 1

2nd Floor work lunch time.

Building the second floor floors and stairs

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Something You Should Know About 2x4 Engineered Floor Joists And Stairwells

http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com/framing/floor.html Click on this link for more information about floor framing, new home ...

Tour of the Second Floor Frame Up

Come along for a walk through of our second story, which will be the girls area for now.

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