Видео: ANTM Cycle 12 - Funniest Quotes and Other Stuff

ANTM Cycle 2 - Funny Quotes and Stuffs (PART 1)

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 (2004) Fifteen Chapel, coochie showin', Cruella de Ville, and some. Enjoy. I own nothing.

ANTM Cycle 2 - Funny Quotes and Stuffs (PART 2)

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 (2004) Visual orgasm, Jekyll and Hyde, and more Nolé Marin. Enjoy. I own nothing. All rights ...

60 of ANTM's Funniest Moments - Next Top Model Highlights

Just a small sample of some of the greatest Top Model moments from cycles 6 through to 13. Domique.. Check! Jade... Check!

ANTM Cycle 12 - Sandra suddenly wishes she made Friends

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 12 (2009) After finally getting eliminated, Sandra addresses her feelings towards the girls....not ...

ANTM Cycle 12 - The Fight after Celia stands up to Tyra

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 12 (2009) When Celia expressed her concerns about Tahlia's doubts in being in the competition ...

ANTM cycle 12 makeovers

The girls get their makeovers. Some girls cried and others embraced the change. I take no credit for the photos or the music.

ANTM Cycle 12 - Nolé Marin is Back in a Hilarious Panel

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 12 (2009) Nolé Marin comes back as a guest judge in Cycle 12 (sadly, no Empress Minnie) and ...

ANTM Cycle 12 Photoshoot 5 (Top 9)

Beauty shots evoking different colors.

Natalie Tribute - Her Best Moments On ANTM

A clip of Natalie's best moments on America's Next Top Model. I think Natalie was inaccurately portrayed as a snobby bitch on Top ...

50 Jade Cole Quotes on ANTM

Best ANTM contestant. Period. 1- I'm so excited to be here I've been waiting this day, forever, forever! Okay? So my name is Jade, ...

ANTM 1 and 17 - CONTROVERSIAL: Shannon Stewart

Shannon's website: https://www.shannonstewartmodel.com/ She shares a lot of stories and her devotion to God ...

Americas Next Top Model Cycle 12 Episode 3 Part 4

http://bit.ly/gbBGRH - How to look like a Super Model without being like one! Check out this program my sister did..she looks great!

ANTM 8 - HerName IS: Natasha Galkina (AKA Natalie Gal)

Natasha Galkina (nowadays known as Natalie Gal) was a funny yet super confident contestant in America's Next Top Model cycle 8 ...

ANTM 13 - LOVED Winner: Nicole Fox [30k celebration]

I don´t have any rights of people, image or anything in this video. My only intention is SHARING. I don't make money on my ...

ANTM Funny Moments

My fourth video on America's Next Top Model moments. This time, it's about Funny moments that we sometimes happen to forget!

The Best of Allison Harvard - ANTM Cycle 12

The best moments of Allison Harvard aka Creepy-chan from ANTM Cycle 12!


The beautiful, hilarious and legendary Angelea from America's Next Top Model Cycle 14- here are the finest moments of the true ...

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