Видео: Tesla Model Y SPOTTED AND Rumors About the Tesla Pickup Truck Coming in October?!

Tesla Time News - Model Y Spotted!

Welcome back for episode 163 of Tesla Time News!!!! Stay tuned for Tesla Time News every Monday! Please consider supporting us ...

Tesla Model Y spotted: up close video and photos

Pre-release Model Y. Up close video and photos of a pre-release Model Y spotted in the wild.

TESLA MODEL Y - Spotted on I-5 in Washington State - Dual Motor Performance

Spotted the new Tesla Model Y on I5 today just south of Olympia Washington.

Tesla Model Y spotted on Hwy 280 // Jan. 10, 2020

Spotted a Tesla Model Y "Test Vehicle" driving south on Hwy 280 near Woodside, CA @ 10:18am Video production: Vision Wells.

Rumor: Tesla Model Y to Surprise Everyone

The new rumor about the Tesla Model Y may even overshadow the upcoming Tesla pickup truck unveiling simply because Model ...

Tesla Model Y Spotted

Spotted the new Tesla Model Y on CA-237 in Sunnyvale.

Tesla Model Y Spotted With Roof Rack

First sighting surfaces of Model Y with roof rack in advance of launch, The Model Y will get space for hauling large items, like roof ...

Tesla Model Y Prototype Spotted on the roads - COMPILATION

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted on Streets (COMPILATION) https://youtu.be/9isOmzmRYCo Tesla Semi Truck Spotted on Streets ...

Tesla Model Y - Latest Sightings & Questions We Still Have

Today I'm going to dive into all the questions we still have about the Model Y, and show some you some of the latest sightings ...

Tesla Model Y Prototype Spotted (12/19/2019)

I spotted my first Tesla Model Y prototype in the wild today (12/19/2019) on my way to school. Location was I-680S freeway ...

Model Y Prototype Spotted

modely #tesla Video of Model Y courtesy of kenken830. Thanks again Ken! Check out his channel and subscribe at ...

Tesla Model Y Rumor

Tesla Model Y is scheduled to go in production by summer of 2020 per Elon Musk but there may be a change of plans. Let's talk ...

How Big is the Model Y

Model Y Size is bigger that I thought. TeslaBros https://teslabros.com/?ref=i1tesla or i1Tesa15 at check out Patreon ...

Tesla Model Y Spotted near Fremont Facilities

Tesla Model Y Spotted near Fremont Facilities. driving to work and saw a dual motor Model Y.. followed it for a.bit.

Model Y delivery in February? I have insider info!!!

My Tesla referral code https://ts.la/matthew77349 Patreon support https://www.patreon.com/user?u=18218565 Model 3 adjustable ...

Tesla Model Y (two test vehicles up close and personal!)

Four engineers (not pictured) with the two cars doing a battery of tests. Super cool moment!

Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Performance Spotted

Tesla Model Y Spotted in San Luis Obispo, CA This electric crossover has a Dual Motor Performance badge, black window trim ...

Model Y spotted, Boeing's Secret Spaceplane, Internet of Brains - Ep 58

Joe, Tim and Ben talk about the first Model Y spotted in the wild, Boeing's secret space plane, and progress on the internet ...

Model Y Prototype Spotted (2019-10-25)

Saw this Model Y Prototype with manufacturer plates driving on Northbound 101 in San Jose, California on October 25th, 2019.

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